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Hi, my name is Andy Goetze.
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I´m generally interested in all kinds of microstock: images, footage and music.
These articles shed a bit more light on what I normally do:

Getty Images Buys iStockPhoto.com For $50 Million (Photo District News, NY, Feb. 09, 2006, requires subscription)
Photography Innovators of 2006 (American Photo, NY, Issue Jan/Feb 2007) & Interview (pretty much outdated)
Microstock photography represents a new business model (The Seattle Times, May 28, 2007)
How to Beat a Goliath (The Wall Street Journal Magazine, NY, Issue Feb. 2009)
Shutterstock Preparing To Go Public In 2012? (July 2011)
Deutsche Telekom To Launch New Microstock Community (April 2009)
• The story about the heroes from All Access Photo Agency:
   • December 2007, Part I
   • December 2007, Part II
   • December 2007, Part III
   • December 2007, Part IV
   • And the end of a superb idea: January 2008, Part V
• "Consumer initiatives", like ViewImages (August 2007) and JAMD (December 2007)
Fotolia launches The Infinite Collection (December 2007)
• And in general some of these interviews, namely for example on:
   • iStockphoto (Kelly Thompson, 2009)
   • AudioMicro (Ryan Born, 2008)
   • Shutterstock Footage (Jon Oringer, 2008)
   • Fotolia (Thibaud Elziere, 2005)

I also used to moderate or participate in some international CEPIC panels and sessions on microstock from 2006 until 2010, also on New Trends in Microstock, User Generated Content, New Technologies for Consumers, Free Images, New Forms of Copyright, Microstock Footage, etc.

But what´s coming next, after microstock?



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